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The Miami Herald

"Sacasas is a painter who has done an absolute in her work in the sublimation of the family theme and her infinitive varieties of her statements. With a unique style that is a kind
figurative stilization, a capacity of a real sinthesis of the image and a rejoicing use of color. The artist creates and re-creates the everyday life in its most profound aspects. In her work there is as much tenderness as joyful humor. Likewise, her pieces are an entry in the reaffirmation in the fine arts of values in a lot of ways engaged by actual reality. Her paintings, ceramic and graphic work are like a party of the best creatures and the will to touch our kin since creation.

Armando Alvarez-BravoArt Critic - The Miami Herald

El Nuevo Herald

This exhibitor´s paintings are characterized by a simple drawing that dominates and absolute diaphanous composition. Sacasas use of color is a dominant part of her work. In
her case, the color is linked to the exuberance of her Cuban origin.

Armando Alvarez-Bravo Art Critic - The Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald

Miami Magazine

Gilda Sacasas masterly piece of work is a testimony to beauty, harmony, rich color and great professionalism. Only through knowledge and experience can one reach this diaphanous exuberance, which Sacasas has been able to acomplish with her paintings.Anastole Frances said: "An artist must love life an teach us what is beautiful, without it, we would doubt it." This is precisely what Gilda Sacasas achieved.

M. SpiropoulosStaff Writter Miami Magazine

XS Magazine

"A painter with a Passion." Gilda Sacasas is a contemporary artist whos focuses on figures to explore the feelings, emotions, movement which she sees as her true objects. What matters is her ability to retain a fresh and idiosyncratic view of the word around her.

XSMagazine Staff Writter

Dakini Magazine

The best of Gilda Sacasas paintings seduce the viewer with a complicated harmony of color and shapes. The clarity an format suggest a sensibility that has been influenced by her life experiences. Sacasas, is a naturally gifted painter.

Carolyn J. Bennedett
Art Critic
Dakini Florida´s Premiere Business Magazine

The Sun Sentinel

Sacasas exudes a feeling of taste and tradition. Viewers have plenty to contemplate. Sacasas work is loaded with colors attracting a wide range of admirers.

Carol Whitaker
Staff Writter -The Sun Sentinel News

Osmus Intl. Magazine

Gilda Sacasas has given the Tropics a distinctive impression, everlasting till the last drop of paint ceases onto her cavases. A line of harmony brings all her paintings together. Sacasasa's expressionistic-figurative style does not oppress or cause anguish, to the contrary, it´s refreshing and awakens new feeling in the viewers.

Anairis RojasArt Critic - Osmus Intl. Magazine

Lea Art Intl. Magazine

Gilda Sacasas allows herself through color and figures to idealize each situation, each theme, to its extreme sensibility. Sacasasa's work is composed of schematic figures, an orderly plan and equilibrium of the composition, what attracts of Sacasasa's paintings is the delightful aesthetic of the emotions.

Elaine Mojica
Art Critic - Lea Art Intl. Magazine

Ocean Drive Magazine

Gilda Sacasas turns dreams into reality. Creating works of art by using a unique style of her own.Sacasas is as important an emerging painter as today´s art world supplies.

Jenny Esquijarosa
Staff Writer - Ocean Drive Magazine

Casa & Estilo Intl. Magazine

Gilda Sacasas paintings project inner spiritual peace, she brillianty triggers and captures her emotions provoking some unexpectedly nostalgic feelings.

Lidia Sanchez-Amores
Art Critic - Casa &; Estilo Intl.Magazine

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