My Ceramic Sculptures
I’ve been to drawn art ever since I can remember. To me, I am simply working to get these narratives out in the world, no matter what medium I am working in, so one day I said to myself… “Gilda, you should indulge your creativity and make a clay statue, a ceramic face, that can represent a human form”.       From the first time, my hands touched the clay, I found myself making faces; the same faces that I use in my paintings.  It was as if the clay was speaking to me, and my hands speaking back to the clay.
To me, emotions are what make us human….and facial expressions are the voice of those emotions. My work is not deeply philosophical or complicated. I am a woman, using clay to express my observations on the basic humanism that surrounds me… surrounds us all. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!   
For more information on any of my pieces or commission work please contact me at Gilda Sacasas 305.332.1905 or email me at
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